Tech Company Start – Step Five: Becoming An Expert

After you’ve spent a few weeks or even months working off the platforms, you will have done a wide variety of jobs in varying industries: printer repair, POS refresh, server maintenance, telephony work and the list goes on.

Also, you will have more tools in your toolbox for doing these jobs.

The odds are, you found yourself enjoying one or two of these jobs more than any other and look forward to getting more of them. It doesn’t matter what it is or how those jobs went. The important thing is knowing what area you want to focus on improving. Know who you are and what you enjoy.

The path to mastery is very similar to what you’ve already been doing. It requires:

  • More reading in specialized forums and manuals
  • Search for tutorials or videos demonstrating what it is you want to do
  • Find out if there are any certifications or special licenses that cover your chosen area of expertise

You will also want to join any on-line organizations where members are interested in sharing, learning and keeping up on whatever it is you choose to master. These are people who share your interest and will also be interested in your successes. The more active you are with these groups, the more you will learn and the more you will be able to share and help others.

As an added bonus, if you run into trouble, you will already have access to some of the best troubleshooting resources available. So be active in these groups/organizations. Become a peer by learning and growing within the community. Offer help when you see someone struggling with something you’ve already been through. After all, the best learning tool is teaching what you’ve learned to someone else.

You can also look for groups in your community that meet to discuss changes and advances in your chosen area of expertise. For example, most large towns and almost all of the big cities host at least one Linux Users Group for Linux enthusiasts. When you find one, join and be active.

To find these groups, all you need is some skill with search engines and a “niche” to focus on.

The main thing here is to involve yourself with at least one group of people that have already learned what you yourself want to learn. As you learn and grow, you will notice other people joining the same group who are starting out at the same level where you started. As you help them, in their eyes, you will be the expert and they the beginners.

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