Tech Company Start – Step Six: Getting Branded

No, I’m not referring to an evolution in tattoos requiring red hot steel. I’m talking about your company’s brand name. The brand is the image people get in their mind’s eye when they hear your name or better yet, your company’s name.

What you’re shooting for isn’t just familiarity with you or your company. You want a positive reaction. You want the “Oh my God, isn’t he/she just the best at [your area of expertise]?” reaction. You want to be known as “The” guy or gal when it comes to that area.

Getting there is really, really easy. Provide the best service possible for your clients at a fair market rate. The fair market rate is dependent on a lot of local factors, which is why its part of the research homework from Step One.

To provide truly exemplary service though, to really stand out from the crowd, simply provide just a bit more than the client is expecting. I’m not talking about rebuilding their network from the ground up when you were hired to extend a T1 line. But having a T1 loop back handy and asking the T1 provider’s tech to run a loop back test before the final cut over shows “in-the-field” experience and a concern for doing it right the first time.

Here’s another example: You are hired to replace a power supply in a restaurant’s POS. Go above and beyond by doing a thorough cleaning of the inside of the POS (away from the food area, please) so that the new power supply will last as long as possible. Mention the cleaning to the client and end user as an “extra service” to insure a longer life for the new power supply.

Adding a little something extra is where you stand apart from the crowd.

Another place where you have the opportunity to shine is in the realm of professionalism. Currently, the platforms are being serviced by a lot of field technicians that are lacking in professional integrity or ethics. These people are showing up to client sites without the tools or experience needed to complete the scope of work described in the work order. These techs usually take these one-off jobs at the lowest rate possible instead of bidding a more professional rate.

Fortunately for you and me, many of the companies that are paying for these services are realizing that the adage “you get what you pay for” applies on the platforms. When you have an excellent rating from more than just a couple of work orders, you demonstrate that you are worth every penny of your standard rate, and then some.

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