Tech Company Start – Step Seven: Repeat

This is the spot where most business owners drop the ball. They think that the success that they have achieved up till now is all they need and so they stop marketing, improving and standing out from the crowd. They sit back and relax because they think they have “made it.”

The truth is you will be marketing your business until you sell it, retire or close up shop. Marketing is a never ending process. Even if you have all the clients you could possibly want or keep up with, keep marketing in whatever way has worked for you so far. It really will pay for itself.

To stay ahead of the game, keep learning newer technologies and keep on top of updates; especially in your area of mastery. The main constant in technology is the same as in life: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Keep up with the changes and you will always stay at least one step ahead of the next person in your area who chooses this path.

Continue to provide the best service imaginable. Just meeting expectations consists of doing what is in the contract and is legally binding. Exceeding expectations by delivering just a little bit extra is what makes you stand apart. As long as your clients (current or future) see you in this light, you will be the only option they see for a long, long time.

The point I’m trying to drive home here is that you aren’t done. Not when you get your first signed contract and not when you get your one hundredth. You will lose clients, either to competition or failing businesses. You may even decide that you want to drop a client and replace them with a new one for whatever reason suits you. Being the owner of your business means you do get to make those kinds of decisions.

While you can’t violate the terms of a contract, you can choose not to renew it when it comes up for renewal. You can also renegotiate the terms of any contract at renewal time. From now on, you are the boss of your company. You call the shots and make the decisions. That’s why you pay you the big bucks, right?

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