Tech Company Start – Step One: Research

Now cast your mind back to your most recent classroom experience. Did you do the homework? Did you do it well enough to get a good grade on it? If you know how to do the research and apply it to the assignment, this is going to be a breeze. If not, then you have an opportunity to master a new skill right at the onset.

Starting your own business is going to require a good deal of research at first, but only because you will start working from home with a blank slate. The technical service part of your future company is actually the easy part. It’s something you’re already doing and, hopefully, doing proficiently.

It’s all the stuff you aren’t doing that you now need to learn. When you work for someone else, they have other people doing all this stuff, just like they have you to do the technical stuff.

So your first step on the path to self-employment is to research your local market and economy.

These are just some of the questions you will want to answer to help you start out with your best foot forward:

  • What does your local market and economy look like?
    • Mostly big, national corporations
    • A mix of big nationals and small, locally owned businesses
    • Primarily small, locally owned businesses with a few big national corporations scattered about
  • Approximately how many small- to mid-sized businesses are in your area?
  • How many other tech service companies are in your area?
  • What are their specialties and rates?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What are their needs?
    (This includes what they currently have in place as opposed to what they need to have added.)
  • How will they find you?
    (Very important! Where do the small to mid-sized business owners in your area look for help when their PC has a virus, a failing CDROM drive, BSOD or any other kind of technical surprise?)

The big question that you are trying to answer is this: Can my local economy support me in my quest for self-reliance?

Marketing is a big part of owning your own business. As a start-up, you will want to do all of your own marketing. This will not only save you start-up costs, but will familiarize you with your potential client base. Done properly, it will even familiarize them with you and your company.

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