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While I have a lot of ideas about how to help different businesses, entrepreneurs and paid professionals, I freely admit that I don’t know everything. There is a lot to know about all the different types of businesses that are out there. Hey, there is still a lot to know about my business that I’m still learning.

One thing that I do know, is how to find answers to questions. It’s what I do. Got a question about a certain technology that you really want to understand? Has the user’s manual for that new piece of software put you into a coma every time you’ve tried to read it?

If you are struggling with a bit of technology or just want to know more about a specific tool, concept or implementation of geekery, just ask me. I’ll do all the legwork needed to help you gain a better understanding of whatever you want. In fact, if you provide me with a usage example, I will customize the answer (in the form of a blog post on this site) to match your example.

All you need to do is send me an email with your question or area of confusion and I’ll not only customize the answering post for you, I’ll reply to your email as soon as it’s posted.

I only ask that you focus on understanding a specific technology or technical concept (like cryptography algorithms or the cloud) as anything else is beyond the scope of this site.