Today's educationWhen you have a ratio of one computer to every ten students, you need all of them up and running as much as possible. Especially with so much of the educational content “in the cloud.”

Add in the on-line assessments and you have a recipe for stress.

You know what you need:

  • You need all of your existing technology to work
  • You need an upgrade plan that fits in your budget
  • You need access to technical knowledge that covers a wide variety of technologies and manufacturers


You just found the solution to all of these. You also found the one freelance technology expert in Flagstaff that actually participated in the trial run of the literacy/language arts PARCC tests.

You can have access to a font of knowledge spanning over 17 years of in-the-field, hands-on experience with all of the technologies that your school uses to educate, communicate, relate and grow

Simply make use of either the email address or the phone number on the right side of this site to schedule your initial consultation now.